ACTION – Make sure that the strings are the right height over the frets, so the instrument is easy to play with no string buzz.

If you’re finding the guitar is difficult to play because the strings are too high in comparison to the frets, or the strings are too low and you are getting a lot of fret buzz, you may need to adjust the action/string height. The action can usually be adjusted by lowering or raising the bridge posts (using a screwdriver for most types of bridges or by turning the bridge wheel on a tune-o-matic style bridge). It’s recommended that you check the recommended string height that the manufacturer suggests to get an idea of how high it should be, but you should be able to make it higher or lower to suit your own personal taste.

There are times when the nut and/or saddles will need to be cut or replaced to fix an underlying problem. In those cases, an experienced technician with proper knowledge and tools should be consulted to address compound issues that may arise.

If you don’t feel confident or experienced enough, please contact us:

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