All precision instruments will require some regular maintenance. Guitars/basses are no exception. Because these are mostly made from wood instruments (which move slightly when subjected to changes in temperature and humidity), small adjustments will need to be made throughout the lifespan of the instrument to keep it playing nicely. ALL guitars – from entry level to profession, custom models will need adjustments. It’s recommended to regularly set up your guitars/bass - very much like your car needing a regular service. Guitars/basses are designed to be fully adjustable, so most of the maintenance can be done at home with just a few simple tools (usually a set of Allen keys and screwdrivers should do the trick for most tasks). At Muccio Brothers, we are always open to teaching musicians (especially beginners and those eager to learn) what they can do on their own.

An experienced technician will diagnose and fix problems, and, will educate you on how to identify and/or prevent future issues.

When should I get my guitar setup?

Here are a few guidelines to follow with regards to when you should get a guitar setup.